Kayaking Time


I woke up, got myself a cup of coffee to get ready for the first time in my life Kayaking in the Condado Beach, “Playita De Condado” in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I went with my family but went with my brother in the adventure.wp-1469915126839.jpg

We had an appointment at 12:00 in the afternoon. Never in my life I went to that area of the beach and it was so beautiful. That property is used for the Caribe Hilton visitors, so their staff helps keep the beach nice and clean. In the beach you could find some fish and live corals, it’s not good for snorkeling because of the rocks. You can find there other kinds of animals but more luckily fishes and live corals.


My brother and I we were so focused of the instructions of the paddling that we din’t notice nothing on the way. We went all around and at a point the instructor stopped to talk to us about  that side of the sea and it was really interesting. They cleaned up really nice the water and then he says, “We have to keep safe the Manatees”. 


And I felt bad that all that way and we din’t noticed, until half way I see a brown ball like 5 feet away from me and I finally saw it. I saw a Manatee really close and she/he kept poking the face out of the water to breath, it was so beautiful. Then we finished because it was an hour ride and at the beach there were a little tent with food. I ordered the most amazing Octopus Salad with Fried Plantain in my life. Everything happened in two in a half hours.


I really had fun and I recommended Kayaking. A beautiful, relaxing and different experience. Really loved to do it again. Hope you guys enjoyed my blog and see you tomorrow.



Thanks for reading my adventure Kayaking.





Not my Land ♥


My very first real adventure. Washington D.C. a dream of mine since I was a little girl. so, check that from the Bucket List (CHECK) !! It was an intense trip. its was January of 2016, still cold and Christmasy ♥ ( one of my fav times of year). I went with my family to Walt Disney World, Orlando FL on December and celebrated New Years Eve there and then we hit the road, road to Washington D.C. It was a really long drive. for the first time I saw snow in North Carolina, it wasn’t a snow storm, BUT IT WAS SNOWWW !! But it was an experience I will never forget. I wish approximately going again, it was beautiful and the people there were beautiful too ♥ 10259904_763401277126818_8635772884316295189_n