A new beginning


New things have been accomplished, this week I started University again, but this time is for real. I’ts going to be my year. Life has been treating me really good this past weeks and I’m really great full. On Tuesday it was my first day of university and it was amazing. It was weird at first because it has been 2 year since I kinda dropped out and coming back felt amazing. It’s all about the new me.

Really excited I woke up and my first class was at 10:00 am and I got really cute with my make up and everything and I was ready! The whole way there I talked with my girlfriend through webcam and she was so amazing about it. At the end of the day she was gonna pick me up from school and that was going to be an amazing ending. My clases were amazing, I’m taking only two clases this semester, Basic Spanish and Art, two of my favorite clases.

Spanish class was so amazing, it was all about books. Poetrwp-1471624342414.jpgy, classic ones, memoirs and a lot more. And my Art class the Professor was so awesome. He is really and Art Professor, in two classes he’s teaching us about color tones and shades. He says that he is gonna teach us how to draw eyes, mouth, faces and a lot more cool things.

And I had a blast in that class too. Then at 4:20 pm she picked me up and went to Subway, because she recently fell in love with Spinach, so, she is obsesses with it. Then we went to the movies and saw Pete’s Dragon. It was a really cute movie and we bought a lot of food, pop corn, nachos, hot dogs and candy. We left so full we couldn’t walk to fast hehe.
Then we went to the arcade and we played so so so much!! We got obsessed with two of the machine, it was like we were  playing carnival games, it was really fun. I had so much fun that day and to finish the day with her like that was really a good day.

Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.




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