I will always be your shoulder to cry on.


I’ve been thinking since Tuesday what I was going to write. A lot happened on that day, my girlfriend had a really bad day. When you are in love you feel what twp-1470837948953.jpghe other person is feeling, even do you haven’t ever experienced something similar, but you suffer it too. Her world was crumbling down, mine too. I can’t let her go down alone, so I went with her to the walking trail cause she needed to get out were she was at. She was already there and I got to her as fast that I can. She was crying, I can’t stand watching her cry, I feel like my heart is shattering into a million pieces. We talked a lot and I made her laugh and we walked, well sort of we stopped to play Pokemon GO. That thing is addicting haha. I got her a drawing pad cause she loves to draw and coloring, like me. Then we got hungry I bought McDonald’s and we kept talking. When I’m with her like that I feel so happy, because I feel like were on this earth just the two of us. Every time that I look into her big brown eyes I got that feeling that we were meant to be together. To complete her cheering up I got her a little teddy bear that says “I love you” in a little heart. Her eyes sparkled so much and I was really happy that she loved it. She opened her heart to me and that makes me feel like she puts her life in my hands, she trust me in every way. I knew that all ready. But that afternoon was different, it wasn’t planned or anything. She just needed me and I was there, I was there to dry up her tears. I just can’t wait for that moment to come, that moment when I’m going to be by her side every minute of our life. Hope you guys enjoyed my blog. Thanks for reading.






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