Unplanned Date


This is a late post, din’t have my computer but this is my story of Monday, August 1, 2016. First thing, I am obsesses with my new Agenda, it’s so beautiful. I post everything on the calendar of my phone but I can’t help it, I LOVEEE IT !


And the first thing I had to do, was  I had to do was to walk/jog for 30 minutes.


OMG, it’s been long since I even walked that much, but I did it and it will pay off. Next on my agenda, spend ti
me with my amazing girl.wp-1470245300643.jpg

We din’t planned exactly what to do and those are the best dates EVER! Go out and relax with that one person, nothing compared to that. I promised her about 3 weeks ago that I was gonna take her to Krispy Kreme, so I bought her doughnuts and we talked and then we went to play Pokemon Go in front of my favorite Movie Theaters, yeah I know, it’s silly but it was so quite, peaceful and romantic. The less I was doing was playing, just looking at her and thinking that I am the luckiest girl alive. Then suddenly the breeze brought us the smell of popcorn, nachos and hot dog, i was so irresistible.

We went and bought some nachos and, hot dog and a drink. We talked and laugh a lot, there was an arcade so we went. That day I did double the exersice, lol. We played some Ice Hockey, a fighting game that a lost immediately, and my favorite Basketball. We had so much fun, that day was so amaziwp-1470245307449.jpgng and celebrating because I din’t planned this for today but Starbucks called and told me that I got the job. I was waiting for that call for two weeks it was really tense! That day, August the 1st, we started this month really good.

I hope that you liked my new blog, I know it’s a little cheesy. But what can I say, love and life got me like that.





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